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Real money, multiplayer online poker for you mobile device is unfortunately still in its infancy. Apple is reluctant to allow real money gaming apps in the Apps store – there are a lot of legal and jurisdictional ramifications associated with online gaming.

So as big as online poker has gotten, online mobile poker has not fully developed for the smartphone market, which is unfortunate because the iPhone or iPad would be the perfect device to play some Texas Holdem on the go.

One innovator has produced a very promising, fully mobile multi-player Texas Holdem product, totally compatible with smartphones, including the iPhone and iPad, and that’s

mFortune Texas Holdem – Real Money Poker on Your Mobile!

mfortune mobile poker

UK-based mFortune is an online casino and card room that caters exclusively to clients that play via mobile devices. mFortune distinguishes itself in several ways: It’s modular, it offers lucrative bonuses with few restrictions, and it’s one of the only mobile gambling platforms to offer a full-featured Texas Holdem game. In the following article, we’ll review the Texas Holdem game in-depth, and examine the aspects of the mFortune platform that relate to it.

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Unfortunately, USA players cannot play poker at mFortune!

How to Create an Account and Deposit Funds

mFortune is modular, which means that you only have to download and install the games that you want to play. In this case, that’s Texas Holdem.

Click here to go to mFortune and get the Texas Holdem software.

Once installed, start the app, access the main menu, and then select the option to register. Once registered, you’ll be able to configure a bank account. To do that, access the main menu, and choose from the available banking options: credit card, debit card, Ukash and pay by phone bill. After inputting the account details, mFortune will configure the account, and you’ll be able to transfer funds to your mFortune account immediately.

mFortune Bonuses for Texas Holdem

mFortune has several bonuses immediately available to new Texas Holdem players. The first is a £5 no-deposit bonus, which gives you £5 to bet in a Texas Holdem game, or any game, upon account creation.

If you choose to deposit funds, mFortune matches that first deposit by 100 percent up to £200, which you can then earn by playing the mFortune casino games. The best thing about mFortune bonuses is that they only require you to turn over the deposit and the bonus once. So if you deposit £200, you get £405, and only need to wager £400 to clear it all.

mFortune Texas Holdem

The important thing to understand about mFortune’s Texas Holdem game is that this is a real card room where they play real poker. This isn’t some video poker game, and they never use robots in place of real players. The entire game is also available in a free-play version, which is an excellent way to try the game before depositing a large sum of cash. It’s also nice to have that option when you have time to kill but no bankroll. The only negative associated with mFortune is that it doesn’t accept US players.

The lobby is simple. Scroll down to find a table and that’s it! Since mFortune only provides mobile poker, it keeps the interface simple so you can navigate easily with your mobile device.


The screen layout is very good. The table and opponents take center stage. On the left-hand side is a collapsible chat window. When collapsed, the chat icon turns color to let you know there are new messages. On the right-hand side of the screen are the four main buttons: Fold, Bet, Check and Back. This is a minimalist design, but that upside to that is high readability, smooth play and a spacious layout.

mFortune Texas Holdem Formats and Stakes

The mFortune Texas Holdem game is available in a few formats: head-to-head, short-handed and eight-seat tables. In the head-to-head format, you play against one other human opponent, and you can exit the game at the conclusion of any hand. All games are ongoing ring games, so players will come and go as the game continues.

In all formats, mFortune offers three stake levels.


MFortune also has a private table option, and creating and joining private tables is very simple.

mFortune Texas Holdem Traffic Volume

The big issue with any card room is traffic, and how peak hours align with your play hours. Unlike most online card rooms, statistics for mFortune are difficult to go by, so we have to judge it based on our experience. For the purposes of his review, we played Texas Holdem at various hours of the day, and traffic volume ranged from weak to good. The app has a collapsible table list on the left side of the display, and it’s easy to track table openings. We never had much problem getting a seat or waiting to play, but there were times during off-hours when we wanted to play pro stakes and had to settle for intermediate for a brief period.

mfortune mobile poker